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Kinesiological Physiotherapy

"At the end of the day, theories and systems about
adjusting are interesting, but ultimately irrelevant.
The only thing that matters is: 'Did the patient get better?' "

Dr. John Howard, DC


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Chinese Art Showing Neck Manipulation

History of Physical Medicine
Restoring health and correcting specific injuries through the physical manipulation of bones as well as soft tissue in the body has existed as a healing art throughout recorded history. The only two treatment methods that are believed to be older are herbal medicine and hydrotherapy (both discussed elsewhere in this website). Early references to physical manipulation are found in the literature from India, China, Egypt and other cultures throughout the world.

Among the earliest Western writings regarding physical manipulation are those from Greece. Hippocrates, the Father of Western Medicine, wrote prolifically about medicine. Of his many separate manuscripts, he devoted one entirely to manipulative therapy. It is said that he advised his students: "Get knowledge of the spine, for this is the requisite for many diseases."

A Roman physician, Claudius Galen, who lived about 300 years after Hippocrates, was documented to have restored the use of the paralyzed arm of an important scholar by manipulating the bones in his neck.

Thai Statue showing Leg Manipulation
Virtually every system of healing on the planet, including the indigenous cultures on every continent, had a portion of their healing systems dedicated to the manipulative physical therapies. Ironically, it is only modern, "scientific" medicine, which ignores the manipulative arts. In the 19th century, Chiropractic and Osteopathic Medicine evolved about the same time as the Naturopathic profession, both of which used physical manipulation as their primary treatment method. A Naturopathic version of physical manipulation also was developed, and is still taught in Naturopathic Medical schools.



Dr. John Howard, D.C.
Founder of the Kinesiological Physiotherapy System

Kinesiological Physiotherapy
Dr. John Howard, a Chiropractor from Southern California, researched all the various systems of manipulation available and found useful elements in many of them. He also found that no one system worked for every patient all the time. In fact, he found that many practitioners who rigidly followed a system and tried to force every patient to "fit the theory", ended up hurting as much as they helped.

Over time, Dr. Howard developed a complicated but elegant system of physical and energy medicine which was very successful for a wide variety of complaints. The key points of his system are:

  • Specific Diagnosis Using Feedback from the Body's Energy System
  • Specific Manipulation of bones (both spine and appendages)
  • Specific Manipulation of soft tissue: muscles, tendons, ligaments and organs
  • Gentle, non-force manipulation techniques, safe for all ages
Due to the relative complexity of his system of medicine, coupled with the fact that it is very different from most traditional forms of manipulative therapy, Dr. Howard found no other chiropractors who were interested in learning it. A few tried but never stuck with it.

Dr. Arlan Cage became acquanted with Dr. Howard's method first as a patient. Later, after attending Naturopathic Medical school, Dr. Cage studied with Dr. Howard for five years, learning everything he could about the system. Dr. Cage is the only individual to ever learn Dr. Howard's method of diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Cage and Dr. Howard were in the process of preparing to teach continuing education courses to other doctors on the use of this system, when Dr. Howard tragically died following injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident.

Physical Medicine at South Bay Total Health
Dr. Cage uses the Howard Method of Kinesiological Physiotherapy as his primary method of physical medicine, and combines this with other elements of his treatment as needed. Nutritional deficiencies, food allergies, and other metabolic illnesses can compound "phyiscal" problems. Likewise, physical lesions can impede healing of other metabolic disorders. Starting in 2008, Dr. Cage plans to finish the process of preparing courses for other doctors, in order to pass on Dr. Howard's legacy.

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