Health Care in Harmony with Nature
Dr. Arlan Cage, ND, LAc

Natural Treatment Methods

The philosophies of Naturopathic and Oriental Medicine
determine what to do in your treatment program.
These natural treatment methods are how we do it.

From the best of modern, scientific knowledge in areas like biochemistry and physiology,
to the time-tested holisitic therapies of acupuncture and herbology,
South Bay Total Health uses safe, effective therapies that can stimulate
your own healing through the least invasive, most natural methods possible.


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Herbal & Botanical Medicine
The oldest known sources of medicine ever used, plants are generally safer, and when appropriately used, more effective than prescription pharmaceutical drugs.
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One of the most misunderstood fields in alternative medicine, homeopathy is safe, gentle, and especially in epidemics, far more effective than modern medicines.
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The food you eat constitutes the ingredients you make your body out of. As your cells continually regenerate, foods literally become the foundation of your body and subsequently, your health. Every chronic illness, from cancer to diabetes, arthritis, autoimmune disease, cardiovascular disease, obesity, even antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections, have nutrition as their root cause.
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One of the primary treatment methods of Oriental Medicine
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Esoteric Acupuncture
Esoteric Acupuncture combines traditional oriental medicine with the Ayurvedic chakra system, and permits directly treating your higher energetic planes. It is especially useful to enhance a program of meditation and spiritual growth.
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Hydrotherapy involves the application of water to the body. It can strongly affect circulation throughout the entire body, as well as stimulate the Parasympathetic portion of the Autonomic Nervous System, which promotes healing, the absorption of nutrients and digestion, increases the ability to obtain restful sleep, and promotes immune system function.
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Intravenous Micronutrient Therapy
Providing supplements in an oral form is usually an effective approach for most people; in some instances, however, it is not possible to achieve therapeutic levels in the bloodstream due to impaired digestion and absorption, or perhaps some other disease process. In those instances, administration of nutritional supplements via intravenous methods may be recommended.
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Kinesiological Physiotherapy
A form of physical medicine, Kinesiological Physiotherapy involves neuro-energetic-biofeedback diagnostic techniques, in which the body's energy field is used to pinpoint specific musculo-skeletal problems, combined with non-force techniques of re-aligning the body. It can be used to diagnose problems with bones, soft tissue, including muscles, tendons, ligaments and organs, as well as meridians.
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