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Mental & Emotional Disorders

"Orthomolecular treatment does not lend itself to
rapid drug-like control of symptoms, but….patients get well
to a degree not seen by tranquilizer therapists who believe
orthomolecular therapists are prone to exageration.
Those who’ve seen the results are astonished."

Abram Hoffer, M.D., Ph.D.


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Dr. Abram Hoffer,
Pioneer of Orthomolecular Psychiatry

Mind-Body Interconnection
Holistic assessment starts with recognizing that the mind and body cannot be separated - they are simply different aspects of the human organism. The physical body, along with our emotional, mental and spiritual aspects are completely integrated as a holistic interconnected whole.

Imbalances in any one of these areas can lead to problems manifesting as symptoms in any or all of the other areas. Though your chief complaints may be mental or emotional symptoms such as anxiety, depression, fear, anger, biopolar, or schizophrenia, the root cause of these may be physical issues such as nutritional deficiencies, food allergies, hormonal or neurotransmitter imbalances.

Likewise, an imbalance on the mental, emotional or spiritual level may be the root cause of a physical illness. It is rare for patients suffering from a mental or emotional disorder to NOT have a physical illness at the same time, and these are ALWAYS related!

Additionally, interactions between the individual and the environment may also have an affect on health. For example, heavy metal toxicities (discussed below), from the food, air, or water, can be the root cause of many mental and emotional symptoms.

Dr. Linus Pauling,
Founder of Orthomolecular Medicine

Orthomolecular Medicine
The term "Orthomolecular" was first used by two-time Nobel prize winner Linus Pauling in 1968. Originally used specifically with respect to psychiatry and brain function, it later was expanded to include all aspects of medicine. Pauling defined Orthomolecular medicine as "the preservation of good health and the treatment of disease by varying the concentrations in the human body of substances that are normally present in the body and are required for health". He also expressed the underlying principle as "...the adjective orthomolecular is used to express the idea of the right molecules in the right concentration"

Pauling became especially fascinated with vitamin C in the mid-1960s and quickly recognized that the intake of this vitamin and, consequently, its concentration in the body, significantly influences health and disease.

One of the first and still leading proponents of the Orthomolecular approach to mental illness was Dr. Abram Hoffer, MD, PhD. He pioneered the use of vitamins and minerals in the treatment of Schizophrenia and other mental disorders. Orthomolecular medicine emphasizes the use of Essential Nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, essential lipids and amino acids to re-regulate body chemistry, including Neurotransmitter imbalances, which can be at the root of many mental-emotional problems.

This approach is based on the concept of essential nutrients. (see the Nutrition page). If the body is missing crucial ingredients, our function can be compromised, and symptoms develop in every aspect of our mind and body.

Heavy Metals
Toxic heavy metals such as lead, mercury, aluminum and others have no normal uses in our bodies -- they only function as poisons. Many heavy metal symptoms are mental and emotional. Testing for the presence of heavy metals is done via provoked urine testing (see our lab testing page
). If you have heavy metals in your body, an appropriate detoxification program will be included in your treatment program.

Food Allergies
Many mental and emotional symptoms can be related, either directly or indirectly, to food allergies. If you are allergic to something you are eating, it can cause inflammation in the lining of your GI tract, disrupting the absorption of all nutrients, leading eventually to deficiencies in essential nutrients. Other substances such as food additives, preservatives and artificial colorings can have a direct allergic affect on the brain itself. Finding and eliminating these foods and other substances, and replacing them with a healthy, whole food nutritional plan, can have a tremendous beneficial impact on your condition.

Many people suffering from mental and emotional symptoms are extremely sensitive to medications, supplements and herbs, which can make treatment difficult. Fortunately, Homeopathy is a system of medicine utilizing highly dilute medicines which have few side effects. In particular, Constituional Homeopathy had been of tremendous help for many people with suffering from mental and emotional conditions. A Constitutional Homeopathic remedy may be prescribed at some point in your treatment.

Esoteric Acupuncture
Many times, patients report some type of spiritual disharmony as part of their overall symptom picture. It may be an overwhelming sense that there is something they are supposed to be doing with their lives and haven't yet figured out what it is, or simply a recognition that spiritual issues are part of the pattern of disharmony in their lives. Esoteric Acupuncture is a particular type of acupuncture intended to balance the higher energetic structures, making it easier for you to achieve a spiritual connection via whichever spiritual system works for you.

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