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Are you having trouble conceiving the child you've always wanted?

Do you want to try all possible natural options before resorting to laboratory methods?

Is the cost of in-vitro fertilization more than you want to spend for a dangerous procedure that might not work?

The Infertility Epidemic
Since about the 1980s, infertility has become a tremendous issue in America. More and more seemingly healthy couples are finding it difficult or impossible to become pregnant and have children. Highly technical laboratory techniques like in-vitro fertilization have been developed in response to this problem. In-vitro fertilization involves taking fertility drugs, extracting egg cells from the mother, fertilizing them in test tubes and re-implanting them in the mother's uterus. It has possible dangerous side effects, a low success rate, and can cost $15,000 per month. More importantly, in-vitro fertilization doesn't even address the real causes of why you can't get pregnant!

If the cost for in-vitro is just too prohibitive, if you've already tried it and it didn't work, or if you simply prefer a safer and more natural method of conceiving the child you've always wanted, you may well be asking yourself, "Aren't there any alternatives?"

The True Causes of Infertility
From the perspective of Natural medicine, the reasons for the infertility epidemic are found just by looking around at our modern environment and livestyle. Environmental pollution, poor nutrition, and high-stress lifestyles all combine to produce an imbalance of hormones and neurotransmitters as well as poor cellular health. From the perspective of Oriental medicine, they also decrease your Qi, Yin, Yang, and Essence, your body's energy and vital fluids, which are crucial for proper health.

Toxins affect the nervous system, the endocrine glands and reproductive organs more than any area of the body. These happen to be the most crucial areas for supporting normal fertility. High stress lifestyles causes a cascade of events that lead to imbalanced hormones and neurotransmitters. The body adopts a perpetual "fight or flight" state, which prevents pregnancy as a natural defense mechanism.

Because of the poor quality of nutrition of the standard American diet of fast foods, mass-produced supermarket and restaurant foods, your body's cells and organs lack the nutrients they need for just for normal health. Many times your body won't be able to support the increased nutritional burden of pregnancy. Processed foods also lack the vital energy of whole, living, natural foods, resulting in a gradual decrease in your body's energy.

Another unique problem faces women with a history of using hormonal contraceptives -- the pill, patches, implants, the ring, etc. The longer you use outside hormones to regulate your period and prevent conception, the harder it is for your body to regain its own ability to regulate hormones when you stop using the pill. Many women, from their late 20s to their early 40s, who may have been on the pill since their teens, find that when they are finally ready to raise a family and stop using their hormonal contraception, aren't able to conceive.

Stress, environmental toxins, nutritional deficiencies, long-term contraceptive use and hormone or neurotransmitter imbalance - these are the real causes of infertility.

The Natural Fertility Program...
restoring your health, gently and safely

Individual Assessment
We start the process of restoring your fertility by identifying your unique needs. After evaluating your health history, we test for hormonal balance, neurotransmitter levels, basic metabolic markers, nutritional status and food allergies. If indicated, you are tested for heavy metal toxicity and possibly other environmental toxins.

This holistic assessment includes both Western based nutritional and metabolic analysis, as well as an Oriental assessment of the balance of your Qi and Vital Fluids: Yin, Yang, and Essence. Obtaining this information will permit customizing your fertility program four your individual body chemistry and your unique areas that need rebalancing.

Eliminating past accumulated toxins is a crucial first step. Heavy metals impair your hormonal and nervous systems more than any other organs. By combining Herbal, Homeopathic and Oral Chelation products, we permit your organs and body to function normally again, allowing them to respond more fully to the other phases of the fertility program.

Hormones and Neurotransmitters
Toxins, low-quality nutrition, and long term stress can disrupt your levels of both hormones and neurotransmitters. This has the effect of convincing your body that you are experiencing a long-term famine even when you are eating enough calories. Hormones and neurotransmitter levels can be rebuilt by giving your body the raw materials needed for their production, stimulating glands to produce them naturally, and removing the stressors which are keeping your body in the "fight or flight" state, allowing pregnancy to occur normally.

Iodine and Temperature Restoration
You will be tested for many nutrient levels and prescribed an appropriate supplement regimen to replace the nutrients you have been missing. One nutrient, because of its interactions with hormones makes it particularly important for restoring fertility, is the element Iodine. Low iodine levels can adversely affect not only your thyroid gland, but every other hormonal tissue, including the reproductive system. Low iodine levels are often found in cases of low body temperatures. A lower than normal temperature is a sign of low metabolism and an inability of your body to utilize thyroid hormone. This in turn inhibits the other metabolic enzymes in all cells of your body. Restoring your temperature to normal is therefore a crucial part of the fertility process. To read more about iodine and temperature restoration, Click Here.

Tonifying and Balancing your Energy and Organs
Many aspects of health, and fertility in particular, can be better explained through the holistic philosophy of Oriental Medicine than through the reductionistic philosophy of Western science. Our bodies consist of more than just molecules: energy, or Qi, and the Vital Fluids: Yin, Yang, Blood and Essence also need to be present in the proper levels and proportions for natural fertility and reproduction to occur. Acupuncture and Moxibustion can help build and balance your body's energy levels. Herbal and Homeopathic medicines and balance your Yin and Yang, as well as build your Blood and Essence. This process is very specific for whichever of your organs need rebalancing. Maintaining this balance long term is accomplished through better nutrition, exercises such as yoga, tai chi or qigong, combined with Meditation or some other form of stress reduction.

Details of the Program
Because of the long-term nature of this approach to restoring your fertility, the program is administered in three-month treatment blocks. One pre-paid price includes all office visits, laboratory tests, acupuncture treat-ments, and all herbal, homeopathic and nutritional supplements needed for the entire three month period. For some, one treatment block is all that is needed. Due to differences in your body's biochemistry and varying medical histories, others may require multiple blocks of therapy to fully restore balance and fertility.

If you would like to discuss details of the program, please call our office to arrange a preliminary consultation:



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