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Addressing the State Convention of the California Medical Assistants Association,
Sept 6, 2008, San Luis Obispo, CA

Dr. Cage is available as a speaker for civic groups, health support groups, corporate events, college and university classes or other occasions. Subjects will usually involve some aspect of health and alternative medicine, and the content of his lectures can be customized for your particular audience. Lecture topics have included:

  What Makes Alternative Medicine Different?
    The Philosophical Basis of Naturopathic & Oriental Medicine

  Subtle Medicines for Dramatic Healing:
    The Philosophical and Scientific Foundations of Homeopathy

  Should I get a Flu Shot?
    Separating the Theory, Fact and Fiction of Cold & Flu Season and Adult Flu Shots

  Childhood Vaccinations and "Permanent" Immunity:
    The WHOLE Story of the Safety, Efficacy and Risks of Immunizing Your Child

  Modern Physics and Alternative Healing:
    The Modern, Scientific Basis of Ancient Healing Methods

  Wholistic, Natural Treatment of Specific Conditions
    This lecture customized for your audience to discuss issues such as Diabetes, IBS,
          Crohn's, Thyroid, Hormone Replacement, Arthritis, Heart Disease, Fibromyalgia,
          Chronic Fatigue, or many other conditions.

The lecture topics listed here are only representative samples. Dr. Cage will be happy to address other subjects pertaining to alternative medicine as appropriate for your group. Fees for lectures will depend on the size of the audience. Special pricing is available for non-profit organizations and small patient support groups. Please email or call for more information.

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