Continuing Education
for Acupuncturists, Registered Nurses, Naturopathic Doctors
Cutting-Edge Knowledge with a Clinical Emphasis
Dr. Arlan Cage, ND, LAc


California Acupuncture Board Approved CE Provider, No. CEP-699
California Registered Nursing Board Approved CE Provider, No. CEP 15385

Practical Clinical Nutrition
Integrating Modern and Classical Nutrition Concepts in Clinical Practice

Approved for Continuing Education:
- California Acupuncturists: 8 Units
- California Registered Nurses: 8 contact hours
Additional Continuing Education from Dr. Cage

Nutrition is the foundation of health!

  • Are you treating patients with acupuncture and herbs, yet their chronic conditions show only minimal or temporary improvement ?
  • Can you confidently prescribe therapeutic diets for any condition and every patient who walks in your door ?
  • If a patient comes in with a bag full of supplement bottles and asks "which ones do I really need", do you know what to tell them?
  • When patients want to know which of their vitamins and supplements are safe to take with prescription drugs, do you know how to find out the answers?
Poor Quality, Nutrient-Deficient, Processed Foods are the true source of many modern, chronic diseases. If your patients' bodies are missing key nutrients - the building blocks of our structure - they may not be able to fully respond to acupuncture or herbal therapies.

Specific Course Objectives:
  • Understand the three major trends in the 20th and 21st centuries that have had a negative influence on health and are responsible for most chronic illness, which are un-accounted for by traditional Oriental Medical Theory
  • Understand the process by which the American food supply has declined since the 1930s
  • Understand the differences between High Quality Natural Foods and Low Quality Processed Foods, and learn how to use the tools provided in this course to counsel patients on the importance of Live, Whole Food Nutrition
  • Understand the importance of supplementing for the Essential Nutrients
  • Understand major signs of nutritional deficiencies
  • Understand the importance of testing for nutritional deficiencies and food allergies
  • Understand the facts about interactions between nutritional supplements and pharmaceutical drugs


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Dates & Times: March 20, 2011, Santa Monica, CA
9am - 6 pm (1 hour for lunch)
Location: On the campus of Emperor's College of Traditional Oriental Medicine
1807 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 200, Santa Monica, CA 90403

May 15, 2011, Location TBD in Northern California

Course Fee:
Students 40% discount

class size is limited Advance Registration Required;

To Register, call 310-803-8803,
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Instructor: Dr. Arlan Cage, ND, LAc

Dr. Cage is a licensed Naturopathic doctor and Licensed Acupuncturist. He specializes Holistic Primary Care medicine, with emphases in endocrinology, gynecology and the treatment of chronic illnesses utilizing nutrition, acupuncture, Herbs, Homeopathy and other natural treatment methods. He attended the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, AZ, and Samra University of Oriental Medicine in Los Angeles, CA. He is a member of the California State Oriental Medical Assoc., the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation, and is a Past-President of the California Naturopathic Doctors Association



Course Outline:

Trends in the past 75 years leading to an increased incidence of chronic disease

GI Tract and Nutrition:
Nutrient absorption, waste and toxin elimination

Degradation of the Food Supply
Poor farming practices, weather, chemical toxins and social demographic trends have combined to lower the quality of our food supply

Food Quality
Difference between High Quality and Low Quality forms of Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats; Organic vs. Conventionally grown foods. Using whole food as a core of nutritional treatment.

Lunch 1:00-2:00

Adverse Food Reactions
Intolerances, Sensitivities, Allergies. Testing for allergies and sensitivities

Emotional Attachments to Food
How to handle patients resistant to change

Testing for GI Problems
Comprehensive stool tests, Intestinal barrier tests

Essential Nutrient Supplementation
The Nutrient Gap. Review of essential nutrients, key deficiency symptoms, basic supplementation plans, Nutrient Testing

Supplement/Drug Interactions
Basic supplement interaction with common prescription pharmaceuticals: which ones are really safe, which ones should be avoided

Additional Nutritional Factors
The Five Key Supplements, The Five Key Foods, The Five Key Lifestyle Factors


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