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We are a holistic, natural clinic offering alternative solutions for many health problems you face. We combine Naturopathic Medicine, Oriental Medicine and other healing modalities to help you restore and maintain your natural, original state of Vibrant Health.

Both Oriental and Naturopathic Medicine acknowledge that the body has a living energy field, called Qi or the Vital Force, respectively. This energy of the body is as important to health as any of our cells and organs, and is the source of our innate ability to heal.

We consider imbalances on the mental, emotional, spiritual and environmental levels, as well as the physical when we search for the true, root cause of your illness.

We consider the healing process to be a partnership between the doctor and you, the patient.

We use safe, non-toxic treatment methods, such as homeopathy, herbal medicines, nutrition and acupuncture. These natural therapies work in harmony with your body's natural healing ability to gently restore you to health.


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South Bay Total Health has a New Owner!

Long-Time South Bay Total Health Acupuncturist and Massage Therapist Christi Mendoza, LAc, is the new owner of South Bay Total Health. She specializes in the holistic treatment of complicated conditions, combining Nutrition, Chinese Herbal Medicines and Acupunture.

Christi Mendoza Biography

New Practitioners Join South Bay Total Health

South Bay Total Health is pleased to announce the addition of two new practitioners to better serve your holistic health care needs.

Dr. Hillary Martin, ND

Dr. Martin is a specialist in Pediatrics and Women's Health, as well as being well versed in all the usual, holistic approaches to chronic illness which are the hallmark of Naturopathic medicine.
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Aaron Licker, LAc

Aaron is a licensed acupuncturist with emphases in Men's Health and chronic pain, utilizing acupuncture, Chinese Herbs and nutrition.
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